Supersonic planning warheads

Supersonic planning warheads

New Japanese development

Supersonic planning warheads

Japanese defense industry enterprises commissioned by the Ministry of Defense began to develop supersonic planning warheads, which are planned to be used to protect the Senkaku Islands, whose territorial identity is disputed by China.

Currently, Japan has several territorial disputes with its neighbors, including China and Russia. China, in the opinion of the Japanese authorities, poses the greatest threat to its territorial integrity. It is assumed that the new supersonic warheads in case of aggression will allow to quickly defend the disputed territories.

Exact details about prospective ammunition are not specified. Edition The Japan Times calls prospective ammunition bombs, although, in fact, they are warheads – planned to be installed on ground-based missiles. These carriers will rise to a higher altitude, developing supersonic speed.

At the height of the warheads will be disconnected from the carriers, unfold the wing and go into the planning mode to the target. On the target, the warhead will fall at an angle, which, according to the Japanese military, will significantly complicate its interception.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Defense of Japan intends to order the development of a combat laser with electric pumping, which can be used to intercept artillery shells, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles. The new laser can be used in the composition of shipborne and ground-based air defense systems, as well as to protect against ballistic missiles.

According to the Japanese military department, research in the field of high-power pumped-lasers, which could be used as part of weapons systems, has been conducted in the country since 2010. The ultimate goal of the new program is the creation of a sufficiently powerful combat laser by the Japanese military, which could be used as a part of a multi-layered missile defense system.