VersaVault project has successfully passed beta testing


First cryptocurrency cell

VersaBank announced that the VersaVault project has successfully passed beta testing. A fully digital bank plans to provide digital bank cells for storing digital assets by cryptocurrency exchanges and investment funds.

The director of investor relations for VersaBank, Wade MacBain, told CoinDesk that the bank has already received over 200 requests for VersaVault.

VersaBank is one of the smallest banks in Canada. The first announcement of VersaVault took place in January 2018, and in March, it passed a successful beta test, in which two companies took part.

To work on the project was hired, previously the chief security solutions architect for the manufacturer of Blackberry smartphones.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, and their holders have already faced the loss of their savings from less secure“ digital vaults.