Yeti ore Bear

Yeti ore Bear

A strange creature in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, eyewitnesses filmed a strange creature covered in dark fur, in which many viewers recognized the snowman. The video was published on the YouTube channel, which collected a lot of material on the Yeti.

However, the recording quality is so low that just to say the bear or the alleged Bigfoot is impossible. Some commenters stated that the mysterious object is an ordinary grizzly. But when the massive figure stands on his hind legs, then it clearly becomes similar to Bigfoot.

The eyewitness who shot the alleged Bigfoot refused to name the coordinates of the place where were filmed. He only said that his dog at the sight of this creature began to bark loudly, which was previously in the forest never happened. Cryptozoology suggested that the Canadian met a female Bigfoot, which is nearby could be the cubs. The dog could sense the danger, so he was incredibly lucky to get out of there alive and unharmed.