Trump tightened immigration legislation

Trump tightened immigration legislation

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Donald Trump has signed a document that restricts the granting of asylum to illegal migrants arriving in the country across the border with Mexico.

According to the signed decree, persons illegally crossing the US border with Mexico will not be able to apply for refugee status in the US.

I am temporarily suspending entry to the United States for a certain type of foreign citizens in order to cope with the problem of the huge number of migrants arriving to our country illegally or without the necessary documents through the territory of Mexico

–¬†Donald Trump

A spokesperson of the American Civil Liberties Union, Trump’s decree was illegal, noting that in the United States, the law enshrines the right of refugees to seek asylum in the United States, regardless of whether they are at the frontier entry point.

By giving the order, Trump activated his special powers, as was the case with the ban on entering the United States to residents of six predominantly Muslim countries – from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

The United States will send 5,000 soldiers to the border with Mexico to contain a column of migrants. Soldiers will travel to the states of Texas, Arizona and California to prevent a column of migrants who are moving towards the United States from breaking through the border.

Nearly 7,500 migrants are coming from Honduras towards the United States. Many of them are already in Mexico, but the majority of people intend to move further, to the border with the United States. The problem with many thousands of migrants should be solved on the basis of international law and respect for the right of countries to protect their own borders, the UN said.